At the heart of the Hebrew Congregation is our Sisterhood. For over a century, the women of the Hebrew Congregation have provided Jewish continuity in Wichita through their education, social, fund-raising and service activities, enriching the lives of our members, our congregation and our community.

Our activities fall into three broad categories: family and community life; service to the congregation; and fundraising. We enrich family and community life by sponsoring a vast array of activities, from speakers on topics of Jewish interest to entertainment. Another major component of congregational family life is our special holiday celebrations. Sisterhood sponsors meals for major holidays, including community seders and Break-fast. They cater special Oneg Shabbats and Kiddush meals to help congregants celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Brits, namings, and other life cycle events. Snacks, treats and meals are provided for our children when in the building throughout the year.

Sisterhood serves the congregation and community by maintaining the only communal kosher kitchen in the Greater Wichita area and the surrounding 100 mile radius. Another area of service is our religious school. Many Sisterhood members have been active in the religious school as teachers, administrators and fund-raisers.

Our library and resource center is supported by varied Sisterhood fundraising efforts. We have several ongoing projects and periodically add special events to our calendar. Donor events held each year give our members an opportunity to make an annual gift to Sisterhood. Each Donor event is a special occasion of brunches, luncheons and teas with programs of music, plays, speakers, or even our children performing.

The Gift Shop provides ongoing service to the community and generates revenue. We are an excellent source for a wide array of Jewish ceremonial objects for personal use and for gifts. Available for purchase is our own cookbook, Traditionally Ours, a compendium of favorite recipes from Hebrew Congregation cooks through the generations.

But perhaps the most important role our Sisterhood has played in the life of Hebrew Congregation is in creating a sense of family. We share happy and sad occasions, we work side by side to achieve common goals, and we become more than friends - we become a family.