Our Mikvah

The mikvah is a pool of living water that plays a special role in Jewish life. It is used in a number of purification rituals, because of the unique qualities of living water. Our mikvah gathers rain water in a wooden cistern without the use of pipes and pumps. When the living water in the cistern is in contact with the water in the bath, it gains these unique qualities too.

Immersion in the mikvah is performed monthly by women for purification. Men often immerse in the mikvah before important holidays. The mikvah also is used in conversion ceremonies. Our mikvah is in a modern suite of rooms that includes a dressing area and a full shower and bath for cleansing before entering the mikvah. Modest fees are charged by the Sisterhood for use of the mikvah. This is the only Kosher mikvah within a >100-mile radius and Sabbath observers are welcome to make use of our mikvah while in Wichita.